Struggling to find a great range of delicious Gluten free foods all in one place?

Whether you are a coeliac, gluten intolerant or have ‘tummy troubles’ and would like to give it a go, we are here to help. Now you can get all your gluten free groceries in one simple place.

We understand many of you have multiple allergies. To help you out we have ingredients listings available all products. To view the ingredients for any product just click on the product image.

Everything in our store is Gluten free. We ensure all of our products are either produced in a totally gluten free facility, or have been tested to the FSANZ* Gluten free standards for NZ/Australia, or the international CODEX standard. So you can rest assured that all our products are safe to eat, click here for a list of all the ‘crossed grain logo’ foods, these have been approved by the Coeliac Society, we follow this guide with the products we sell in our store. No more having to worry about reading labels for checking of ingredients. We stock a delicious range of gluten free foods including gluten free bread, pasta, baking mixes, gluten free flours for your gluten free recipes and a wide range of grocery items. Now there is no risk of spending your money on inedible Gluten free Foods. If you are travelling drop us a line, we can deliver to your motel room for your stay in New Zealand.

We also have our “Gluten free Grocer” range of products. These products give you a more affordable option, and they are all packaged up in a Gluten free packing facility.