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GFG  Vouchers

GFG Vouchers

Hi There

Just a Reminder about our gift vouchers.

There are two types of Gift Voucher available on our site. There is the Downloadable Gift Voucher which you can download and it will contain all info you require to use it but is not sent out in a physical form and then there is the Physical Gift Voucher and it will contain all info you require which will be sent out with your order  to the address specified on your order.

We have had a couple of instances where the  Downloadable Gift Voucher has been purchased and the purchaser or receiver of the voucher has contacted us asking why they haven’t been sent a Physical voucher and so as stated above it is up to the purchaser of the voucher to pass on the information to the person who is going to use the voucher. We would suggest that you may want to resend a copy of your email to the intended recipient or print a copy and send it.

Regards: GFG Team