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Gluten free International Travel

Did you know that you can take your own sealed food to most countries around the world. When buying products for travel just be sure to pack long life, well sealed products.

If you are traveling to New Zealand from abroad, it’s important to know that many things you can easily bring into most countries, you may not be able to bring in here. Have a look at what you need to declare here, and try to steer away from bringing these things with you, as you may have to discard them at customs.

When booking your flights consider Air New Zealand. They offer a gluten free airline meal option – and we can confirm after a recent trip to Sydney that the meals are just delicious!

Do you need gluten free food for traveling in New Zealand?

We can deliver your gluten free groceries to your accomodation, all ready and waiting when you arrive in New Zealand.

Gluten free food is available throughout New Zealand but options are extremely limited in smaller towns. Stocking up on all your essentials is vital before leaving any city. Those with a gluten intolerance many be able to find a range of snacks and meals while travelling but anyone with Coeliac disease should be very wary of untrained kitchen staff cooking gluten free food for them.

While there is a growing awareness of gluten intolerance and Coeliac disease in New Zealand, restaurants and cafes often require further education and may inadvertently include gluten in your meal. Ensure you are VERY clear with the chef about your requirements and have your own supplies on hand, there is nothing worse than being in a small town and starving hungry!

Gluten free Food Travelling List:
Long life bread, cereal, pasta, soy sauce, crackers, biscuits, soup, chips, noodles